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you can love living in your body.

Imagine feeling great as you move through your life; strong, open and balanced. this body, your body has amazing potential for movement, locomotion, work, beauty, energy, expression, sensuality, spiritual experience, love: all the things that make life delicious, exciting and meaningful.

You can find feelings of joy and ease in movement, within the body, no matter your age, injuries, illnesses.

yoga for grace and presence

As a yoga teacher in London, I work with busy, creative, urban students who want to experience connection to the beauty, grace and strength of their own bodies. Through the form of yoga, we challenge ourselves to grow and heal, to joyfully live out our dreams and purpose in life.

We use the form of yoga to instantiate long lasting changes in each client and student. In  group classes, and private and bespoke yoga lessons, you will learn effective, efficient and therapeutic techniques, leading to greater flexibility and ease in movement, improved posture, and healing from injuries. This greater grace and presence in your body leads to greater enjoyment and fulfillment in life.

I work with the physical body, to help it repattern.
I work with the energy body to help understand the limitations and blockages we perceive in the body and work through them.

My inspiration comes from my students. Some are beginners on the path of yoga. Others are very experienced in yoga practice. We come from all walks of life, but might share these traits with you:
  • you value your life, your health and your sense of well-being.
  • you are creating a path through your life that inspires you.
  • you want to feel and look your best.
  • you are busy, active, creative and like moving, growing and learning.
  • you try things, new things, especially if you get the idea they might feel good.
  • you make time and space for the things you value and you build your life to allow them.
  • you can feel inspired and touched by words, songs, poems, paintings, flowers, birds, nature, art, spirit and love.

what we can do:

Yoga need not be a scary, difficult practice. It can be adapted to people in every physical condition: from dancers and gymnasts and people in wheelchairs. We can simply adapt the practice to your unique situation. Some students want to connect to their breathing in ten to twenty minutes a day. Some students love deep physical work and love classes that are an hour and a half to two hours. Some people need to learn how to repattern their movement to heal from an injury with a tailored programme.

Here are a few things you might check out:

Sadhaka Yoga CentreMy husband, Simon and I have just started a new studio in Camden, Sādhaka Yoga Centre. I am now teaching exclusively from there, and am running all programmes in the space.

If you’ve been doing yoga a while, you might be interested to know about the teacher training and my teacher mentoring programme. Or my class timetable for group classes.

You might want to know what a private session or consultation might help you with. Or to have a look at what other people say about working with me.

Recently I have been reflecting on the practice of teaching, which you can read about on my blog or you can join my mailing list and get information, musings and reflections delivered to you (about every month).

I hope to see you soon.

May all beings know peace.  May the merits of this practice extend universally and serve the well being of all.

om tat sat.
om shanti.

             mollie s. mcclelland morrisYogaAlliance



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Posted June 6, 2011 by mollie